• Don’t Flip out: Just give it a try in the EAP Classroom. Electronic Village. #TESOL2014 Technology Showcase and EV Fair Classics, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • Teaching Languages in the XXI Century: Going Beyond our own Borders. Presentation offered at the I National CALL Congress. ULA -NURR, Trujillo, Venezuela. June 27-29, 2013.
  • Screencasting: A dynamic and interactive way to provide feedback. Presentation offered as a keynote speaker at the Virtual Round Table 2013 Powerpoint presentation available on Slideshare:
  • Podcasts, web-based recordings & videocasts: Dynamic and interactive ways to provide feedback. Presentation offered at #TESOL2013 Technology Showcase and EV Fair Classics, Dallas, Texas, USA (March 21st and 22nd). See handout here –>>
  • Moderación en línea. Presentación ofrecida en el marco de la Conferencia Internacional Asociación Venezolana de Educación a Distancia (AVED) Marzo 12-16, 2012.
  • Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom EVO Session TESOL2012. Presentation offered at #TESOL2012 Technology Showcase and EV Fair Classics, Portland, , Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • e-Moderation.  Sistema de Educación a Distancia (SEDUCV). Universidad Central de Venezuela. July 6, 2011.
  • Powerful Web 2.0 tools for the ELT Classroom. Best Affiliates’ Presentations. TESOL International Convention 2011, New Orleans, Louissiana, USA.
  • Los mundos virtuales y sus aplicaciones en educación. Conferencia dictada en el 1er Encuentro Internacional Virtual de las Especializaciones Semipresenciales de Investigación y Postgrado, Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín.
    Maracaibo, Venezuela. Noviembre 2-30, 2010
  • Mundos virtuales: Innovación educativa en 3D. II Encuentro de  Docentes Aprendizaje y Tecnología: Hacia un Aprendizaje X.O. Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Dr. Federico Rivero Palacio. October 20-21, 2010
  • Portafolios virtuales: Una integración efectiva de las TIC a las clases de inglés con propósitos académicos. Paper presented at X Jornadas de Investigación Humanística y Educativa. Facultad de Humanidades y Educación. Universidad Central de Venezuela. November 23-27, 2009. 
  • Webheads in Action: Connecting to Empower. Presentation offered along with Erika Cruvinel and Jennifer Verschoor at  Social Networking 2009, a fully online event. Sponsored by Avealmec and Arcall. Nov. 5-8, 2009.
  • Digital Literacy:  What a 21st Century EFL Teacher Should Know. Presentation offered at VenTesol Annual Convention May, 2009. Universidad Metropolitana. Caracas.
  • Alfabetización Digital: Herramientas Web 2.0, redes sociales y comunidades de práctica en entornos virtuales colaborativos. Presentation offered at CLED09 –  I jornadas de  Conocimiento Libre y Educación.  May-June 2009.  Fully online event.
  • Social Bookmarking. Presentation offered along with Jennifer Verschoor to participants of the blended course “21st Century for the EFL Class” carried out by Professor Doris Molero at Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín, Maracaibo-Venezuela. April 3, 2009
  • Call Challenges around the World. Colloquium at WorldCALL 2008, presenting current CALL situation in Venezuela. Fukuoka City-Japan, August 5-8, 2008
  • Networking for English teachers. Oral presentation atI Encuentro Internacional de Lenguas y Contemporaneidad’. Universidad Metropolitana. Caracas, May 30-31, 2008
  • E-portfolios: A Teaching Experience with English I (Portafolios Virtuales: Una experiencia con Inglés Instrumental II, Componente Docente de la Escuela de Educación, UCV).Oral presentation at ‘I Ciclo de Experiencias Instruccionales en Educación a Distancia’. Sistema de Educación a Distancia UCV (SEDUCV), Caracas, June 1, 2008
  • Blogs and Wikis: Webtools for a New Generation. Oral presentation at ‘The World of VenTesol. Venezuela Tesol Annual Convention and 9th Caribeean and Central American Congress’. Caracas, May 16-18, 2008.
  • Wikis. Oral presentation at ‘Basic ICT Workshops for Language Teachers’. Event organized by AVEALMEC (Venezuelan CALL Association) Universidad Simón Bolívar. Caracas, April, 26, 2008
  • Blogs and Wikis: Tools for Collaborative Learning. Oral presentation at ‘Enriching the ELT Experience’ VenTESOL (Venezuela TESOL), Region 1 Convention, Universidad Arturo Michelena, Valencia, March 2008.
  • Wikis and e-portfolios in ESP courses. Oral presentations at  ‘The Web 2.0 for EFL teachers: Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, Virtual Worlds and Digital Games’. British Council-AVEALMEC. Caracas, November 26-30, 2007
  • Virtual communities as didactic support for blended courses. Oral presentation at ‘XXVI Linguistic Teachers and Researchers’ National Encounter’. Universidad Pedagogical Experimental Libertador-IPM.  Maracay, May 21-25, 2007.
  • English for educators: Academic and professional demands.(replicated study) Oral presentation at ‘IX Research Encounter’.Humanities and Education Faculty – Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Oct 13 -16, 2006.
  • Participation in the forum Teaching Languages: How, how, how to do it? Within the discussion about the Foreign Language Teaching diploma. Invited by the School of Modern Languages. Humanities and Education Faculty – Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas,  January, 2005.
  • English for educators: Academic and professional demands. Oral presentation in the UCV’s EFL masters program. Invited by the Instructional Design course facilitator. Humanities and Education Faculty – Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas. Semester 2004-2.
  • Rediscovering the academic reading class. Workshop presented at the Annual TESOL-Venezuela Conference. Caracas, 2000.

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