• ESP teacher. School of Education.  Universidad Central de Venezuela. Since 1998


  •  Member of the Distance Education Committee. School of Education.  Humanities and Education Faculty. Universidad Central de Venezuela.
  • Founder member and current president (2010-2012) of the Venezuelan CALL Association ( Asociacion Venezolana para la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje de Lenguas Mediados por el Computador- AVEALMEC). Web address:
  • Member of RedCLED- Conocimiento Libre y Educación. Social network for educators. Since 2009 
  • Founder member and co-moderator of EaD-EE. Virtual community formed by professors from the School of Education at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Since 2007. Web address:
  • Founder member and co-moderator of VENELT (VEN- English Language Teaching). Virtual community formed by English Teachers in Venezuela. Since September 2006. Web address:
  • Member of Webheads in Action, a worldwide virtual community formed by English teachers who mostly have taken the TESOL Evonline courses (Electronic Village). Since 2005. Web address:
  • IATEFL member since 2011




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