About me


My name is Evelyn Izquierdo. I  hold a Master’s degree in English as a Foreign Language from Universidad Central de Venezuela where I work as an ESP/EAP teacher since 1998. I’m the Head of the Foreign Language Faculty at the School of Education and a member of the Academic Committee of the EFL Master’s Program. There, I have offered courses on Testing, Instructional Design, and ICT in ELT since 2009. My research interest has been focused on technologies applied to education and ELT, specifically on blended learning.  Since 2005,  I have been actively involved in online activities and have become an ICT practitioner, a teacher trainer, and a member of several ELT communities like Webheads in Action, IATEFL, TESOL, VenTESOL and AVEALMEC, among others.  I have participated in numerous, national and international events (both F2F and online) as a guest speaker, an e-moderator, an organizer, or as a collaborator. I have also worked as an ICT consultant for the British Council in Venezuela and offered an ICT in TEFL course at UPEL-IPC. Besides, I am a proud co-founder of AVEALMEC (Venezuela CALL Association). In 2008, I was awarded with a full scholarship to attend the WorldCALL in Fukuoka-Japan; and I also won a scholarship to be trained as an e-moderator sponsored by the British Council and the Consultants-e.  I was VenTESOL Communications Coordinator from 2009 to 2013. During those four years, I successfully created and managed all VenTESOL online spaces. I was also VenTESOL Editor from 2013 to 2015. I’m currently a member of the Distance Education Committee of the School of Education (UCV). 

Welcome to my e-portfolio, blogging and curating site!

Twitter handle: @eveweb