A different side of EFL: Through the eyes of a young teacher… Giving learners the chance to have their say


This is a very inspiring blog post written by Patricia Salguero. It made me remind when I started teaching. I had the same feelings. I was really excited and planned all my classes with a special care. I still do, but at those times, I was really young and did not have any experience in managing a classroom with teenagers that were even taller than me. I looked like another student. I felt some fear during the first days and spent several hours planning the next class. How marvelous it was! The most rewarding of all was not only having reached my academic goals but having won their respect. That is the word Patricia uses in her blog post: respect. I still think that is my best reward too. After finishing a school year or a semester, I always expect my students to feel proud of themselves for the work done; but I also expect to have fulfilled their expectations as a teacher. Every new academic experience is a new challenge. I do my very best in every one to deserve my students respect.

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