Teachers learning about and with ICT as collaborative design

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The key concept in all these initiatives is collaborative design. Collaboration and design have been increasingly promoted and explored in the years following the emergence of the WWW mostly because of the alignment of network technologies, a growing interest for the socially situated and communal nature of work and learning, and the development of design-based research as a promising approach to foster innovations in education. The notion of “communities of practice” has certainly provided useful conceptual tools to understand teaching as composed of a joint enterprise, a shared repertoire of knowledge and artifacts, and mutual engagement in community activities, roles, and relationships.

Evelyn Izquierdo‘s insight:

Collaboration in a must when using ICT. Based on that purpose, communities of practice become useful spaces to share, learn and grow together professionally. If you are starting in the ICT field, I recommend you to websearch about "well known" or "recognized" communities in your teaching field; as well as creating a Twitter  account, so you can start building your personal learning network (PLN). Follow the leaders in your field, very soon you will be participating in collaborative projects; sharing ideas, resources and materials; or simply enjoying your new discoveries. 🙂 

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