early languages: What kids teach us about learning a 2nd language

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Evelyn Izquierdo‘s insight:

What kids teach us about learning a 2nd languageAs parents raising our kids with more than one language, we are often focused on the benefits that WE see for THEIR future: opening up future work opportunities, building a mental gymnastic that has cognitive advantages, etc. These tend to be reasons that have future payoffs. Like many things, it requires effort and discipline as parents to do what we believe will be best for our kids’ future. Kids, however, are not focused on their future. What is important to them is NOW. They focus on what they are doing now, what game they can play now, what book they read now. They are not taking into account future payoffs, they just want to have a good time now. Read original:  http://t.co/B07w5vaM

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