The Innovative Educator: Influential educators, bloggers and twitterati recognized at the Bammy Awards

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What would happen if instead of being bashed, blamed, and scrutinized, educators were lauded, celebrated, and recognized. That is among the goals of what might become the annual Bammy awards. The Awards aim to foster recognition of excellence in education, encourage collaboration and respect, elevate education and education successes in the public eye, and raise the profile and voices of the many undervalued and unrecognized people who are making a difference in the field.

In what is usually reserved for the actors and athletes of our society, instead, it was us in our flowy gowns and Tuxedos who were being treated like movie stars, chauffeured up in limos where the paparazzi photographed, taped, and interviewed us on the red carpet as we made our way into the Arena Stage at Kreeger Theater in Washington, DC…

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