Flipping an Online College Class – FlipCon14

Using the Adobe Connect Pro Virtual Classroom, the presenter demonstrates how to set up an effective, user-friendly and cognitively demanding flipped learning …

Source: www.slideshare.net

You Suck At PowerPoint! by @jessedee

It’s not the program that sucks, it’s you.

Source: www.slideshare.net

PLNs, CoPs, and Connectivism

Personal Learning Networks, Communities of Practice, and Connectivism

Source: www.slideshare.net

ICTs in the Classroom-Why Use Them

ICTs in the Classroom-Why Use Them

Source: www.slideshare.net

Expanding vocabulary with lextutor

It is a short review of the lexical aproach based on lextutor.

Source: www.slideshare.net


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